How To Choose A Loading Ramp

A loading ramp is a fixed or adjustable inclined surface adjoining a loading platform to ease the movement of goods between the platform and modes that transport goods. It makes lifting things easier and help in moving heavy objects from the ground into trucks or trailers. They can be easily bought from a local towing supply store, either assembled or as kits.

Loading ramp kits come with all the equipments like nylon safety straps to secure the ramp to safety hooks and chains. Many of these loading ramps can be folded when not in use.

Choosing the Best Loading Ramp

There are several types and styles of loading ramps available in the market making it difficult to pick one. Here is a simple guide to help you choose the exceptionally good one and leave the rest. The best loading ramp can be helpful in moving significant containers, machines and other goods. Factors like vehicle load height, rung spacing, wheelbase and weight capacities need due consideration. You can easily find heavy duty loading ramps for forklifts, tanker trucks, dump trucks, cars and even military vehicles online.

Different Heavy Duty Loading Ramps Style

Wheel Risers- These are usually designed to be used with buses, semi-trucks and other heavy duty vehicles for maintenance and service. They are also suitable as display stands for contests and auto shows.

Yard Ramps– They are designed to help a forklift to load and unload cargo from trucks, trailers and rail cars when a dock is not available. Made of steel, they usually feature wheels for mobility.

Military Ramps– They are built for loading heavy military vehicles and equipments. Their lightweight aluminum design prevents physical strain during take down and step up. Our this fridge repair company uses such kind of loading ramps, check out their brands serviced too.

Levelers– They are helpful in loading trucks, cars, tractors and heavy commercial equipment and are made up of lightweight aluminum.

Car/Truck Loading Ramps- They are very helpful in loading and unloading cars and trucks on and off trailers. They can handle various weight capacities. Our recommended car wrecker offering cash for cars across clients and families in Melbourne  use one of the best trays to pickup cars for free.

Equipment Ramps- They are used to load and unload bobcats, tractors, trucks, skid steers and other heavy equipment. Constructed with rust-resistant, durable and lightweight aircraft grade-aluminum, these ramps offer long-lasting services.

You should consider the type of ramp you want to use like a dual runner, bifold, trifold, hitch mounted, arched or non-folded. Before buying you should keep in mind the type of vehicle you will use it for. Ramps are made of either steel or aluminium. Steels ones are tough and cheap while aluminum ones are lightweight and rust-resistant.

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